Happy Halloween from Seriously Whimsical Studio!

I’ve been quite busy playing with all sorts of mixed media art supplies lately and thought I would share a few pieces that I’ve been working on. In honor of today’s spook-tacular holiday, here are few little sullen goth witches for you.

The first one is Nancy’s Witch…the first little witch I created…she was just delivered to a certain desk in Minnetonka, MN this morning:


Here are two more little lovelies that I created as a spread in one of my journals. “Make Your Own Magic” and “Magic is Everywhere.”



Since I took this picture I added a bit more to the “Magic is Everywhere” image.

Now, here’s the funny face of the week. Drunken Pinnochio, anyone?


And this is progress on an art journal spread…not done yet, but currently on hold:


I am looking forward to finishing it soon!

Also, I am currently working on an order of three mosaic frogs for my most dedicated patron. Here is a snapshot of the first one, in progress.


Plus, the University of Minnesota Women’s Gophers basketball season kicks off tonight with their first exhibition game! So, needless to say, I’m a busy woman right now!

Make your own magic,


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1 Response to Happy Halloween from Seriously Whimsical Studio!

  1. Jen says:

    I am so glad you are enjoying so many good things! I love all of your witches. One of these days we will find the time to grab dinner. Have a wonderful day!

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