I’ve Been Blogging in My Head!

mixed media woman with words in her hair

Spray inks, acrylic paint, markers.


So, I’m not sure what it says that I only blogged once last year, only that I’m  wicked embarrassed about it. It was a crazy year and I did plan a wedding and get married, but seriously–ONE blog post?!

Geez. That’s sort of pathetic.

I’m not ready to give blogging up entirely, but I sort of feel like this is a make or break year. Either I get on the stick or I shutter the site and stop paying for the hosting and URL. So, my goal is to blog at least twice a month. To facilitate the process, I’m going to try blogging on my mobile device over my lunches as long as my thumbs hold out. If nothing else, auto correct should prove to be entertaining!

So here’s to a renewed effort to share all of the art I’ve been working on lately! Now, on to the fun stuff in no particular order:

I’ve fallen in love with drawing and painting mandalas. So much that I’ve signed up for a year-long mandala class offered by Julie Gibbons called Mandala Magic.


Journal page mandala. Alcohol markers and collage.


Hamsa mandala

Hamsa mandala. Alcohol markers and water color paints.



Mandala from my art journal. Alcohol markers.



Love: At the Center of It. Mandala from my art journal. Alcohol markers.


Black hole mandala

The Void. Mixed media mandala from Stage 1 of “Mandala Magic” Class by Julie Gibbons. Water color crayons, acrylic paint, markers.


Multi-colored mandala

Art journal mandala. Alcohol markers.



Art journal mandala made with kids markers.


Freehand mandala doodle.

Freehand mandala doodle from work. Made with gel pen and highlighters.


I’ve been working on a new style of figure.

Beacon of light

Shine. Acrylic paint, water color crayons, collage, pencil, markers, stamping, and GLITTER!


Close up of face

Close up so you can see the glitter!


Commissioned mixed media figure.

Commissioned piece, work in progress. “Aurora” Water color crayon, acrylic paint, collage, pencil, marker


Commissioned mixed media figure.

Commissioned piece, work in progress. “River” Water color crayon, acrylic paint, collage, marker.


Work in progress

Work in progress.


And even some quick and playful collage and lettering projects.


Collage from my journal.


water color postcard

You are enough. Watercolor marker, alcohol marker.



Water color postcard.

You are not alone. Watercolor marker and alcohol marker.


So that’s my first update for February. Watch for another update before the end of the month!

Happy 2015!






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