Art Update #1 of 2014

Hello Cyberspace! It’s been awhile since we’ve rubbed elbows here…and someone I know has asked a couple of times whether the silence here has meant that I haven’t been painting. I admit, there were a few months where art was not high on my list of priorities–my fiancee and I bought a house and moved in the middle of the winter. (Take it from me, this is not recommended–the moving in the middle of winter part, that is.) Work has been incredibly busy and well…we added to our family.

Meet Dakota!


So, my plate has been full, but I’ve found time for some painting and mixed media after I unpacked my studio and got through the holidays. Here’s one painting–sorry it’s a bit blurry!


I’ve started a new type of painting called intuitive painting. Basically, you start to paint without any preconceived notions and just add layers upon layers of paint until the image reveals itself. You choose colors that appeal to you, follow every urge–no matter how ‘wrong’ it feels, and see what emerges. Below is one my first intuitive paintings–I call it ‘Happy Family.’

Happy Family

Here’s my second intuitive painting. Very different!  I call this one ‘Intuitive Lotus.’


This following was painted while Minnesota was in a crazy deep freeze and I had to believe that there was a warm sun shining somewhere. I can see the influences of the intuitive painting in the background I created for this painting…can you? (grin)


And, I’ve even gotten back into working in my art journal. This entry reminds me that even the masters started somewhere. I’ve been taken by Matisse’s works and plan to go see the Matisse exhibit at the MIA soon. I was thrilled to learn that Matisse started painting later in life and wasn’t a young protege. I find this little bit of information to be very inspiring!

MatisseWell, that’s my update. More soon, I promise. I’ve got the painting itch again!



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3 Responses to Art Update #1 of 2014

  1. muriel kennedy says:

    Fine work! Love the Intuitive Lotus!
    Love you! Gramma

  2. skypainter says:

    Hello just stopping by to let you know you are a great inspiration! 😉 Sometimes we are stuck when creating art and need something or someone to give us a push even if you are not aware. At this time working on mixed media project and your women’s faces were just what helped me make the turn. Thanks so much! Love your doggy so cute!

  3. skypainter says:

    Enjoyed your blog so much your statements and art were such an inspiration. I’m in the middle of a mixed media piece and needed someone or something to give me a kick. You did without knowing it. 🙂 Enjoyed seeing your beautiful dog too. So cute. Thanks for being here! Best wishes in your art. Enjoy summer 2014. It’s flying!

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