Here is a collection of things that inspires me…keep checking back as I find inspiration EVERYWHERE!

My Kind of Playground

My kind of playground!

This playground is at one of my favorite sculpture park in Taylors Falls, MN, called Franconia Sculpture Park. They have amazing works of art there and it is my dream to have one of my pieces installed there for a season! I love that kids get to play on this enormous piece of art. If you haven’t ever been there, I highly recommend it!

My Amazing Artist Grandma!

This is my wonderful Grandma Muriel who is a painter, pianist, weaver, and all around amazing human being. She has always been incredibly supportive of me and my love of music, theater, art and cooking. Without her, I wouldn’t have had the courage to pursue my love of all things creative. I love you Gramma! (This is us at the Franconia Sculpture Park!)

My Fur Kid

There is nothing quite like a wagging tail or contented purrr to make you feel that, regardless of how your day went, all is right with the world! This is my constant companion, Andy the Cat!

Here’s another one that I sort of hope to make a mosaic of some day:



My First Exposure to Mosaic

Right out of college I lived in Philadelphia for a year and spent a lot of time wandering around on South Street. I recall walking past what appeared to be a garden of glass in the neighborhood, with blue glass bottles built into a high brick and mortar fashion wall. Inside was the most amazing display of outdoor mosaic art–genius to be sure.

Little did I know that twelve years ago I was glimpsing the amazing mosaic work of Isaiah Zagar and part of what was to become the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. I never knew it was something I could go and see up close, so I always sort of peeked through gates and things to see what I could as I walked through the neighborhood. Here are some images of the kinds of work that Zagar is known for:

That’s Isaiah in the picture above and it’s now my goal to sneak away to Philly, stay with dear friends, and participate in one of his weekend intensive classes where you work side-by-side with Zagar to install a piece of permanent mosaic art in the city of Philadelphia! This is my plan for Summer 2012!  Here’s to what I’m sure will be an amazing time!

Meaningful Words

Minor Myers Jr. was the president of Illinois Wesleyan University when I graduated in ’98. His words to us in our commencement address have been immortalized in coffee shops and bookstores around the country–and his words speak to me still.

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