Making ART!

Have I mentioned that I love art? I do…especially if I get to get my fingers all smeary when I make it. I also love combining an eclectic hodge-podge of stuff that doesn’t necessarily go together but, then again, somehow does. Hence my new found love of art journaling and mixed media! And what a whirlwind romance it has been!

First, I want to give a little plug to a cool opportunity out there for those of you with Mixed Media and Art Journaling interests or tendencies…a group of super cool artists that I’ve been following online has gotten together to generate buzz and offer a super cool prize give away….including a seat in the online course I am determined to take this year, Life Book 2013! Here’s the details:

GIVEAWAY FROM WILD SOUL ARTS! FREE SEAT IN LIFE BOOK 2013 and FIVE OTHER PRIZE PACKAGES! It’s totally worth the click and they aren’t going to spam you….so, what the heck! Give it a try! You could win some super cool stuff!

Last time I posted, I promised you a picture of “Mrs. Knob.” Here she is! I love her shocked little face. She seems incredibly self-righteous to me…

Now, to my art journaling adventures…I am happily awaiting some acrylics and a new watercolor journal book that I plan to start working with. If I’m lucky I will get to pick them up tonight. In the mean time, here is what I’ve been doing so far in my reclaimed board book and in a mixed media paper journal…

This one looks a bit like Tyra Banks to me. Not sure if I’m done with her, but she is definitely not so darn alien looking as my last face. This is an improvement I think.


Here’s the first spread in my reclaimed board book. Water color crayons, fluid acrylics, rubber stamps and ink, glossy acrylic gel medium, gel pen, book paper, magazine pieces/parts, collage and water color markers.



Here’s the second spread in my art journal…


Fluid acrylics, water color markers, ink and stamps, collage stuff, GLITTER, and shiny gel medium.


I love this stuff…it’s true. And I will be venturing back into the land of mosaics soon too since I have a special request for a few more garden frogs. Stay tuned!


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