Art Update!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted art here. As usual, that is not a symptom of not working on artwork, but more about my urge to make art…not type on a computer! I set out this year to learn to draw faces–namely to put people into my mosaics. I wasn’t prepared to fall in love with Mixed Media as a new and all-encompassing art form! I bet I will return to mosaic sometime in the future, but in the mean time, Mixed Media has my artistic heart in its clutches and I love it!

I’m still learning to draw faces–and PAINT them–but I’ve come along way. Remember this first real attempt at faces?


Here’s where I am today…nearly a year after I started learning to draw faces with Willowing. My first few attempts grew into a wild leap into Mixed Media in Willowing’s LifeBook 2013 and then into Effy Wild’s Book of Days and Moonshine courses. Enjoy the artwork!

Madonna and Child
Celestial Madonna and Child

Bear Mother

Woman of Great Sadness (art journal entry)

It’s Good to Be Queen (art journal entry)

More than One Way (art journal entry)

Look With Soft Eyes (art journal entry)

Face sketch… one from a 30 day challenge

Trance journal entry (art journal)

Art journal entry

A composed painting called “Graffiti Madonna” in four stages.

Composed sketch

Graffiti, first layer

Face shading started

More graffiti and painting

Graffiti Madonna, finished


Trust the Universe.

This one just appeared on my paper…I thought it was a message for someone else. Turns out it’s for me.

Artistically yours,


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1 Response to Art Update!

  1. Rachel, that is truly magnificent progress. I understand about the ‘grab’ Mixed Media can deliver. I feel like it’s taken me over as well. I’ve been into art quilting for several years. Then gradually started to get adventurous with embellishments. Then the leap to watercolor with a side trip into journalling and Kaboom! I WANT TO DO IT ALL !!! And the beauty is – we CAN !!
    btw, I love the tag line – about good art not matching your sofa – oh my, you’ve met ‘them’ too I see, lol.
    my Minerva blog is poetry and photography; my art blog is:

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