About Me



Just the Facts

Name: Rachel Rodenborg

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Favorite destinations: Hawaii, New York City, London UK

Inspirations: Music of all types, watching waves on a lake, children playing, urban art, graffiti, star-gazing, Andy, the Divine Ms. N!

Tidbit: I collected blue and white china for 15+ years before I got brave and tried mosaic!

How It All Started: I’ve been creating things since I can remember–some of my favorite childhood memories are of being up to my elbows in craft glue, construction paper, and glitter! In college I trained professionally as a singer and actor. When I’m not breaking things only to glue them back together, I enjoy writing and directing for the stage and playing around with my camera. In warmer months, I enjoy camping, fishing, and being out in the sunshine!

While I was in business school earning my MBA–I also work in corporate america as a marketing professional–I quickly realized that my life had become too serious. To offset that seriousness, I created my first mosaic sculpture. Turns out, breaking glass and putting the pieces back together again was just the stress relief that I needed.

Interest quickly turned into a near obsession as I started searching local thrift stores for new china to break. About that time I started showing my work to friends who quickly insisted that I find a way to get my work out there…Seriously Whimsical was born.

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