Learning to Walk the Whimsical Walk

I mentioned a couple of times that I am exploring a new artform called mixed media. It reminds me a lot of mosaic, only without the glass shards everywhere. Instead, the flurry of artistic precipitation consists of bits of paper, bottles of ink and paints, water color crayons, fabulous markers unlike any you drew with as a kid, and various types of glue. Sometimes there’s glitter and baubles too. And sewing. And nail polish. Seriously–nail polish.

Anyway, drawing and painting are not something that I’ve ever thought that I’ve been able to do very well, so it’s a challenge to silence my inner critic and simply explore and play. I’m finding that while I am not Picasso or Rembrandt or Escher or any number of the amazing mixed media artists that I’ve encountered on these here Interwebs, I’m learning that I am ME. And that who I am is JUST FINE. And my art is just fine–as it is.

Go figure.

Turns out that I CAN draw and paint–and that my style is very uniquely my own. Sometimes my faces look like aliens and sometimes I put a little too much paint or glue on something, but ultimately, it can be  fixed and, quite often, the results shock me. As in, “I did that??”

I’m having to discard what I think I know and create outside of 30+ years of repressive boundaries that I set on myself. In short, I’m learning to “walk the whimsical walk.” Let go. Be free. Play. And then play some more. Choose colors and pens because I like them and draw faces in blue if it suits me. Sometimes its easier than others, but mostly, I’m loving that art is becoming about expression for me again.

Here’s a piece that I worked on last night as an assignment for my Letter Love hand lettering class with Joanne Sharpe.

It’s not fancy and I’m still learning. The inner critic in my head definitely points out all the mistakes…but, I’m pleased with the result and look forward to trying my hand at another one tonight!

Here’s hoping you find joy in whatever your pursuit!


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