Lotus, Glass-on-Glass

Lotus, glass on glassIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted new work, so I thought I would take a minute and post a picture of a piece I completed a little while ago. I call it “Lotus” and it’s a glass on glass piece featuring recycled stained glass and a repurposed picture frame purchased at a church basement sale. (Love me a church basement sale!)

The lotus speaks to me because it grows in shallow, muddy waters. It’s rooted in the mud, grows through the water and blossoms above the water’s surface with a bloom that is untouched by the muck below it. Lotus flowers regularly blossom 8″ or more above the surface of the water.

Seems like a metaphor for life. While you are rooted in the mucky, day-to-day stuff, the beauty is in rising above your situation and blossoming anyway.

So, that is “Lotus.” It will be on display at Art-A-Whirl in May!

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