Mosaic Muse / Nemesis

Mosaic Muse / Nemesis

a.k.a. Minnow

Another glass-on-glass piece…this one I call Mosaic Muse / Nemesis. It’s a portrait of one of my feline companions. His name is Minnow and he’s beautiful, but incredibly naughty. He loves my studio–especially the pretty sound glass makes as it falls and breaks on the floor! (As I write this, he is scaling the top of the refrigerator, trying to figure out how to get across the kitchen to the space above the cabinets. Good thing he’s cute.)

This piece was made with stained glass, recycled stained glass and a repurposed picture frame bought at the church basement sale I keep mentioning! Love those and can’t wait to shop a few more this summer.

Thanks for stopping by!


PS–this piece will be on display at Art-a-Whirl in May!

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