I See Faces…

Happy Thursday! The weather is starting to cool down here in fair Minnesota and the leaves are starting to change…and I am super excited about the amount of art in my life right now! I’m so tuned into art that I’ve started to see faces in the inanimate objects that I’m around every day…and, because it amuses me, I’m capturing pictures of these things.

The Llama in my bathroom sink:


Do you see him?? LOL. He makes me smile. Anyways…

I am especially excited to report that I am teaching myself to draw and create mixed media art pieces…sort of like my style of mosaic (everything but the kitchen sink) only there aren’t as many sharp shards to step on. <wry grin> I am also able to see immediate results, which is nice, since a mosaic piece can take me months to complete. The ultimate goal is to develop the ability to draw faces and better understand how to recreate those faces in glass and tile.

Anyway, I’ve been taking advantage of the free mixed media tutorials out on Willowing and Friends as well as those mixed media demonstration and time lapse art videos on YouTube. It’s been super fun and for the first time in about a year I feel seriously motivated to make art. As in, I can’t acquire new toys, er, I mean, supplies fast enough and I simply race home each day to play and tinker and explore how those supplies can be used together. I’ve started to work in a artist notebook and I’ve also created my very own Artist Journal. It’s a bit rough yet as I’m finishing it as I go, but here’s the cover:



Here’s the inside cover, in progress…


And my very own page of “punk” flowers!


I think I posted this face that I drew last week…I’m super excited about her. She looks realistic to me–at least the most realistic face I’ve ever drawn!


And then there is her stylized, somewhat more alien looking sister! I call this, Say YES to the Universe. (Maybe it should be Say YES to the Alien?)


I need to play with the head shape a bit and keep it from being so wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Here’s a close up of her alien eyes! LOL If only they were green…



And here’s what happens when I get super excited about something…it takes over the studio/living room! (One half of the room is the studio space…the other is my living room area…truthfully, it’s taking over the living room here!) Here’s the futon–sorry it’s a tidge blurry.



And the ottoman and chair:



Notice in the background of the above picture two MORE art pieces from the last week….the first is the 477,800 miles plaque for my sweetie and the other is what happens when you leave me semi-unattended during a football game with a pair of Dankso clogs and GLITTER!! (Now I just need to find some black and white striped socks ala the Wicked Witch of the West to wear with them!)

Art and creativity and fun abound in my world…I hope you are similarly blessed!

Until next week…watercolors, glazes, and glitter…oh my!



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2 Responses to I See Faces…

  1. Carolyn "Smarty" Marty says:

    Hey there! This is Smarty. I love that you’re getting into more stuff. I wish I had some $ to commission a piece! Someday! Keep doing what you’re doing! P.S. what does the mileage mean? (you don’t have to tell me if it’s a secret between you and the divine miss N!

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