Catching Up on Art

It’s been quite awhile since I posted last. I’ve changed jobs and moved across town, which includes moving my sizable art studio. Needless to say, it’s been a bit nuts. The good news is that I love my new job! And my new home is fantastic…and close to the new job, which is a huge plus. Anyway, I’ve been sneaking in a bit of art whenever I can. I’m a few weeks behind on my LifeBook assignments, but I’m catching up!

I’ve got three new pieces of art to share today. The first is an ink and watercolor piece I call “Joyful Anticipation, Great Hope.”



I never thought I would love water colors the way that I do! There are great fun and hard to predict, so you never know what you are going to get. At least I don’t…not yet! I suspect there will be more watercolor works in the near future!

Here’s one of the two LifeBook 2013 pieces I finished this week. The first is a “paint over a picture” piece. Super fun…not what I would normally try. This piece ended up looking like a beautiful Middle Eastern woman to me in a silk veil.



The second piece from this week is a mixed media list of the heart connections that I am most grateful for…



Super fun to do and stretched me a bit as I worked in semi-3D…

I’m tired and it’s time for bed…so, more soon. Promise.

Be creative. Be happy.


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