What Are You Passionate About?

More and more I’m noticing that I am surrounded by individuals who are exceptionally passionate about what matters most to them. You’ll know it when you see it and its positively brilliant to experience. Music, politics, sports, art, health, food, education, children–the subject matter doesn’t matter as much as the feelings the individual shows for their passion. It is positively unmistakable–mention a person’s passion and they will completely light up. It’s almost as if someone plugged them in and they are nearly exploding with the electricity that their love of –music, politics, sports, art, children, health, whatever–brings to the surface. It’s like nothing else in the world. And I’m surrounded by it.

I am blessed to be surrounded by people–mostly women–who are passionate about art and music as a way to change the world, equality and opportunity whether on the court or in a business meeting, healing the world through organic and holistic means. Their passion is infectious. It propels them and drives you to consider both their cause and those things that matter most to you.

I’m guessing that by now you know that I’m passionate about mosaic. What you might not know is that I have a growing infatuation with basketball. (Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m a closet basketball fan. Whew. There. I finally said it.) My most recent mosaic project combines my love of broken glass with my love of our local women’s university team, The University of Minnesota Gophers Women’s Basketball team. These amazing athletes are supported by a local booster club called the Fast Break Club. Win or lose, rain or shine, long road trips or short commutes, the members of the Fast Break Club are passionate about Gopher basketball. And their passion is certainly infectious. (It bit me and I’ve been told there’s no cure. Symptoms include one’s wardrobe slowly changing to mostly maroon and gold and the need to meet frequently at The Barn to shout heated exclamations at the refs. Serious cases require road trips and frequent shop talk about how the team is doing, along with a little smack talking about the next team the Gophers play.)

In August, the Fast Break Club is hosting a golf scramble and silent auction. The gazing ball below is one of the many items that will be available for bidding during the silent auction. All of the proceeds will benefit the Fast Break Club, and ultimately, the 2012-2013 Women’s Gophers team. If you’re around and like to golf…you should definitely hit up the Scramble…you will be in great company!

If basketball isn’t your thing–that’s cool. But, you’re not off the hook. What are YOU passionate about? If you don’t have a passion, I encourage you to find out what matters to you and to seek it out…life’s far too short not to be passionate about SOMETHING.



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