I smell Spring in the air!

I realize that I missed last week’s post–I am moving my life (and my studio) to a new location on a trendy little artsy-fartsy street in St. Paul and I’m  super excited. That said, I am also completely overwhelmed, behind-the-eight-ball, and exhausted. A week from tomorrow, I will meet the movers and thank my lucky stars that they are hauling up those large boxes filled with all of my glass supplies. Uff da.

Don’t get me wrong–I will do my fair share of lifting, but I figured I would love myself a heckuva a lot more if they handled the furniture and really heavy stuff.

Anyway, with all that moving, I haven’t been creating as much as I might like to, but I did manage to finish one piece earlier this week. No name yet, just my tribute to the warm weather and early spring that Minnesota has been having lately.

Here’s my Gerber daisy–not grouted yet–but that is my “reward” for getting my life packed up and ready for the movers this weekend.

Gerber daisy mosaic

It’s about 18″ square, give or take, and I haven’t decided if I will keep it and hang it in my new bathroom.  (This gerber daisy shower curtain inspired the piece and will hang in my new bathroom soon!)

daisy shower curtain

It’s not an exact match, but it’s close enough for me…so we will see if it hangs in my space–or if it goes to one of my friends who’ve already expressed interest in it!

Wish me luck as I get ready to move…


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2 Responses to I smell Spring in the air!

  1. I love this! It will be a very cheerful piece to look at. Where are you moving??

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