A New Piece and “Tree” Update!

I was traveling for business last week on Thursday and I couldn’t get to my blog post–so I’m posting two updates today. First, a piece you probably have never seen before.

I call her “Our Lady of Shooting Stars.”


I love how serene she looks…and there’s been a request for her in California, I think. We shall see!

The second update is on how “Tree” is progressing. Not only is she finished being mosaic’d….


She’s half grouted!


It always amazes me how grout changes and completes a piece…you can see the bottom portion of the image is half grouted. I plan to try and finish grouting her tonight. (Fingers crossed!) We might have to have a mid-week update!

Once I am finished grouting and finishing the rough edges, I’m going to be looking for a home for her–either to show her in a gallery or for private sale…so if you know someone who really, REALLY loves yoga or runs a studio or something and is interested in a large piece of art, let me know! (And there’s more where she came from…I can’t wait to start the next one!)

Cheers and happy Thursday! I can smell the weekend–can you?


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