The Crazy Quilt of Life

I’ve made the commitment to post on Thursdays each week over my lunch hour to keep the new art out there, rather than just hanging out in my studio space waiting for grout! Here’s to low-pressure resolutions! Watch for new art each Thursday!

Two new pieces today. The first is a piece that I’ve been thinking about making for some time now. After I complete a piece there are inadvertently little bits and scraps left over that aren’t enough to create another piece with, but that I can’t bear to think about throwing away. So, I have this little buckets of these bits here and there around my studio. I recently decided to dump them together and make a piece akin to a “crazy quilt” with them. For those of you who didn’t grow up with a gramma who sewed quilts, a “crazy quilt” was a quilt made of all the leftover fabric scraps from previous quilts that the quilter couldn’t bear to throw away.

Here’s my glass crazy quilt mirror:

Crazy quilt mosaic mirrorI have lots more “scraps” and so I am currently working on a picture frame in the same style and may very well create a few more–all bits and baubles and a crazy blend of colors and textures. (I’ve been told I’m a bit lacking in sharing of dimensions of my pieces…this one is 10″x10″ or so.)

The second piece is bigger–maybe 2’x2′ or so and started with a figure sketch in the center of a woman sitting in a sort of sloppy version of “easy seated pose” from my yoga practice. (My yoga teacher would be aghast at the figure’s posture, I’m sure.) I sketched her and then didn’t start the mosaic process for a couple of weeks. Some projects needs more time to marinate than others, I guess. Anyway, here she is:

I’m not sure what to call this piece–ideas that are floating around in my head are “Perceptions” or “Pondering” or “Easy Seated Pose.” It was fun to play with mixed media within each color to create a complete picture that had unique stand alone elements within it. I plan to grout this piece this weekend so that I can afix the final touches–some tiny sparkly stars on the tile stars at her forehead, her throat and her belly…plus a few more that will be added on her person somewhere.

Let me know if you think of an inspiring name I should consider.

Happy Thursday!


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