More challenge pieces and trying like heck to be “floopy”

I know it’s been a bit quiet here, but the good news is that is because I have been working dutifully on my art. I currently have nine pieces waiting to be grouted, three of which I am going to share with you today!

Life being what it is, I’ve had my hands full and I’ve been battling the dreary sadness that comes with trials and hardships and an impending winter. Uff da–I am not ready for snow! Anyway, the other day I posted that I was feeling down on Facebook and a wonderful friend from graduate school where I was the odd-guy-out (an artist at heart in a room full of professed business types) reminded me to be my “floopy” self.

“Floopy” means creative, different, silly, joyous.

It was a good reminder when I wasn’t feeling my floopiest. So, I got to work and channelled my woes and here’s some of the results. Three new pieces to share (not all created since the “floopy” reminder, but three new pieces just the same!)

Here’s the first one:

I call her “Our Lady of the Cherry Blossoms.” Lilly found her at a yard sale this summer and she’s the finest bisque china…stamped “Japan” on the bottom. I did a little research and it appears that there were a number of figurines made in this style in Japan. I cant wait to grout her to seal up the white gaps that you can see between the pieces…

Here’s the second one:

I found this prayer card at a church basement sale and was taken with the fact that Our Lady is holding a female child, presumably, based on the pink gown. A little Google research shows that this image is known as “Our Lady of the Streets” and so that seems fitting for my name as well, with a twist. I call her, “Fugue, Our Lady of the Streets.” For those of you that aren’t musicians by nature, a fugue is a short melody or phrase that is introduced by one part/instrument in a piece and is successively taken up by others. Seemed fitting.

Finally, the third piece:

My first sugar skull, in honor of the coming Dia de los Muertos celebration next week. The first, but certainly not the last sugar skull that I plan to do, this piece has a few more finishing touches to add once the grouting is finished, particularly in the eyes which are just plain mirror right now. These final embellishments are a little too fragile to hold up to the grouting process…so, I will soon post the finished product! And, a second sugar skull is drawn and started on my table right now! I can’t wait. They are joyful and whimsical and traditionally not the least bit scary, which suits my lack of interest in the gory and spooky side of the Halloween season that is upon us! I promise to try to get some close up detail shots too–there’s lots of little details in this piece that the picture doesn’t show off very well.

Anyway, I am back at my work table, funneling life’s experiences into my works and trying my darnedest to be “floopy!”

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso

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