Challenge piece #3, plus a few others for good measure!

Again, I’ve been tardy in posting my works as they are completely tiled and ready for grout. But I’ve been working! This challenge has morphed a bit, changed into a way to start working on the pieces that have been bouncing around in my brain for awhile–and those that occur to me out of the blue.

Here’s the 3rd challenge piece–my very own self portrait. When I took photography classes in college that was one of the assignments–at least one self portrait. I figured it would be a cool challenge to do in mosaic as well…so here it is, not yet grouted.

It looks a bit like me, I think. I was inspired to create this piece by some amazing vitreous tile that I found at Mosaic on a Stick. It’s this cool dark brown shot through with glittery copper. Lovely colors that I hope to add to my short mop soon!

Here’s another piece–one from the spur of the moment category. I call this one “Little Old” as in little old lady. LOL

I just sort of started piecing bits and pieces together, little bits and baubles that I would expect to find in the house of a cute little old lady. It wasn’t something that I thought much about…just put it together. I’m interested to see how it looks grouted!

Here’s a miniature piece the echoes my star themed pieces from last year, this year with a little Scrabble tile love.

This time I’ve used antique vitreous tile instead of my usual stained glass and glitter glass tile instead of my mirror tiles. The scrabble tiles will get their special coating soon and then, grout!

The last piece for this week is a business card holder for my cube, mosaic style! Can’t wait to get it finished and to work. Loved that the colors in the Japanese china and the ceramic flower pot I found were such a cool match!

It’s been a busy week…and the weekend is upon me…so there is sure to be more soon! (Also, I’ve found a few pieces that I completed but haven’t posted here yet, so I will need to do that as well!)

Happy Friday night!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso

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