First piece of new mosaic challenge!


So, I’ve been slacking in the posting-new-work department lately. I admit it. Life’s been a little chaotic and I only recently just got back into my studio and started making art.

I’ve missed it. I can admit that.

So, I’m challenging myself to complete a new piece each week between now and December 1st in an effort to be ready for a one-day holiday sale I plan to participate in. (More details soon…) Ideally, this means that each piece will be grouted and prepped for sale each week. More realistically, that means that each piece will be completely tiled and ready for a mass grouting. (wry grin)

Whether I grout each week or all at once, the challenge is on!

To get started on the the right foot, here’s my first piece, in process. Working title: Mermaid. Something better to come soon, I’m sure.



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1 Response to First piece of new mosaic challenge!

  1. Next step is the mosaic glass over the water areas and then grout! Watch for updates soon!

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