Having Faith: Confessions from a Control Freak

Have Faith - Confessions from a Control Freak

A reminder to have faith...

Hi. My name is Rachel and I am a control freak.


I admitted it publicly.

Or maybe it’s not so much that I am a control freak as the fact that I have a hard time trusting other people to work on my best behalf when I can’t for whatever reason.

It’s not that I think they will do me wrong, I just feel like I could do it better. (wicked grin)

Okay, so maybe I AM a control freak.

It’s weird to be both an artist AND a control freak. I’m not particularly rigid about my art or how I make art. My loving other half would attest that I can most often be found surrounded by bits and baubles and chunks of class from three pieces that are already in process and there I sit, starting another one.

It has more to do with big life stuff–like subletting an apartment when you’ve already found the place you want. (Guess what’s going on in my life right now?) We have lots of interested applicants who are likely to take over our lease–I just can’t make it move as fast as I would like.

I just do my best to create a plan and then become an utter stress puppy when I can’t assure that things will go as planned. I wonder where on earth I managed to get those tendencies. (wicked grin)

At any rate, those tendencies don’t really serve me very well. They can easily throw me off kilter and make me a wreck to live with. (I love you honey!)

So, this little sign is going to hang in the kitchen of my new house very soon–to remind me to have faith and trust that I will be taken care of.

(Better picture coming soon–sorry for the shadows!)

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