Taking a Quick Time Out


Seat of a garden stool in process.

So, recently life has been super busy and I haven’t been able to get to the studio like I want. I find this frustrating, especially since I network with other artists that work in mediums that appear to me to be “faster art.” (I realize that this is most likely FAR from the case, but it’s a feeling not necessarily a fact.) And this feeling that my art is to S-L-O-W bugs me.

But every time I contemplate the options: 1) choose a different medium, 2) refuse to sleep more than 20 hours a week or 3) quit my art all together, the resounding answer that I get back from my heart is, “Heck no!”

So, I guess you could say that this is my very own personal time out to remind myself that art is a process. What’s more it’s an INDIVIDUAL process that can’t be compared to someone else’s experience, work or timeline.

So, there you have it. My very own reminder to trust the art, trust my gut, and take time outs for attitude readjustment whenever necessary.


PS–Seriously Whimsical has big news! We will be showing art at NEMAA’s Art-a-Whirl in May and the studio is moving to a new location on May 1st! PLUS, I am a very lucky girl in that I get to take a concrete sculpting class starting on April 19th! More info (and pictures) to come very soon!

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