Expect the Unexpected!


Glass doesn't always participate the way I expect.

Ah, the unpredictable reality of glass. I like to think I can anticipate how glass will break or cut with some degree of accuracy, but no. My art is still largely unpredictable!

For example, consider the image above.

I needed two matching sheets of glass to sandwich an image between in a piece I am currently working on. I rooted around in my studio and found two identical sheets that I had picked up curbsiding last spring. Perfect!

I measured and scored and tried to snap the score to create a clean break. Nothing.

Hmmm. Maybe it’s because it’s thicker that the stuff I usually use.

Score again. Try to snap the line. Nothing.

At this point, I’m scratching my head. It’s GLASS for goodness sake. I should be able to cut it.

So I get my wheeled nippers, still thinking it’s not cutting because it’s too thick.

One TINY little nip with the nippers and POP! The sheet EXPLODES into little tiny cube-shaped fragments.

Ha! It was tempered glass!

I immediately (and gleefully) shattered the second piece!

Moral of the story?

Expect the unexpected. And always wear your safety glasses.

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