Madonna on the Rocks, waiting for grout

My most recent piece, drying. Next step is grouting!

This was a fun piece to work on as I just sort of went on gut instincts. It’s always amazing to me how a piece flows when I don’t try so hard. When I don’t try to make the pieces fit, they just do. It’s especially humbling when a jumble of broken glass fits together as it the pieces were a puzzle, arranged before hand, only I don’t know what the final image will look like. An analogy for life, perhaps?

The message: don’t try so hard all the time. Enjoy the process, the journey.


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1 Response to Madonna on the Rocks, waiting for grout

  1. faye i kuzma says:

    I Love your Madonna on the Rocks! It looks a bit like a vision, stirred through the evening stars and clouds!

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