Art for Nettie and Friends!

Art for Nettie and Friends!

Here’s a sneak peek at the art that I am donating to the Nettie and Friends show coming up on December 4th at the Egg & I restaurant in St. Paul. Pieces include:

  • Sea of Love, #3  (4×4 tile with recycled tile and recycled stained glass)
  • Half a Cup (4×4 tile with recycled tile and china, and stained glass squares)
  • Love Remembers (a 4-piece series, made up of 4×4 tiles, recycled tile and stained glass. 16″x16″ total size)
  • Here Fishie, Fishie (repurposed wood beads, recycled beads, recycled china on a reclaimed tile)
  • Study in Green (4×4 tile with recycled tile, gems, glass and mirror)

I am quickly learning that I need to learn how to take better photos! The pics posted here don’t do the pieces justice…especially for “Here Fishie, Fishie” which is terrifically washed out. The water is actually beautiful, textured blue.  So be sure to stop by and see them in person!

In addition to the art you see here, I am also donating a Mobile Mosaic Class for up to 8 kids or 5 adults, all materials included! The price will be significantly less than I would normally charge for a two-hour class in your home, so stop by and snatch that class up. You can finally play with mosaic and support a very worthy cause to boot!

So be sure to stop by and support an amazing cause! It will be a blast!

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